Building Bridges to Success in Homeschooling

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A Revival in Education

Homeschooling is the most exciting movement in education today! It's not exactly new; up until 1850 most children in America were educated at home. But the past 25 years have seen a revival in homeschooling, and now between two and three million children in the United States are learning at home.

Millions of families around the world are demonstrating the successes in education that come when parents assume the primary responsibility for educating their children. Over 80 independent studies, often by public education departments, have shown that homeschooled students typically score up to 30 percentile points higher on standardized achievement than their public school counterparts, and the longer the students are homeschooled the bigger the difference.

Workshops that make a difference ...

"A must for home-schoolers, The ABC’s or A to Z for home schoolers."
      Michael S
a dad new to homeschooling

"The workshop answered every question I’ve heard, had and probably would have had once I began concerning home schooling. Hank Tate offered practical information, sensitive insight and experienced wisdom, seasoned with a sense of humor."
      Debbie S
a mom new to homeschooling